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View from Camp2 looking north west 

Approaching camp2 - storm and snowy  

Camp 1 - Sean biviing 

Inside our spacious Basecamp tent 


Mule hiring place - Los Poquios 

Crossing rivers 

Resting on the way to Camp 1 - The two Mexicans in the background 

View of Aconcagua from Casa de Piedre 

Camp on our way back from the mountain 


Basecamp on our way back. Tents everywhere 

Sean in front of the Polish Glacier - 6.000 m. Very windy. 

The socalled Penitetes - strange snow formnations special to Aconcagua 

Crossing rivers with horses 

Filtering water in basecamp 

Casa de Piedre 


Cemetary de Andenistas 

On our way to Las Lenas - Charlie in the background 

After the trip we did a bit of Kayaking on the River Mendoza (grade 3). Wild stuff. 

g an HP 200LX.


A muleteer 

The two Danish girls and Richardo 

Pickup on our way back 

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