3. Inner Syntetic T-shirt
Optional. Good on colder caves or on long trips. Add long sleeves or full scale fleeze on extra cold caves.
4. Swiming Pants
Optional. Keep your bits from dangling too much.
3. Loadbearing Belt
Essential for belaying and attachement of life lines. Also practical for attachment of dragbag and other loose items
4. Rubber Gloves
Heavy duty rubber gloves for keeping water out, avoiding sharp rock cuts and keeping hands clean.
5. Ariane Carbide System (behind)
Although a bit maintainance heavy when working smoothly the carbide light gives and excellent ambient all round light enabeling you to cave faster (in big passages) and see more. Downsides are the added item on the belt, possible polution. With the new LED systems out there we use carbide less and less these days.
6. Knee protectors
Comes in various variations, essential for long distance crawling.
7. Rope (drag) bag
Depending on use comes with a variaty of handles, attachment loops and straps. Fairly standard size.
8. Wellingtons
Keeps water out. Get a pair with a nice profiled sole for better foot comfort and friction on those many mud climbs you'll be attempting.
Scroll over the numbers for a description of each item.