Cave Camping in Ogof y Daren Cilau
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Ladder pitch Team Bonzai Tree Bonzai Tree 2 Team 2
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Hard Rock Cafe Martin Ladder pitch 2 Hard Rock Cafe 2 Joint
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Tim Camp 1 Camp 2 Camp 3 Camp 4
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Unstone Camp 5 After Microns Refreshments Drinks Cabinet
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Hard Rock Cafe 3 Tim on Ladder Tim 2 Joint on Ladder Team 3

Photos from the first camping trip to Ogof y Daren Cilau.

Team consisted of Martin Beale, Tim and Joint Wilkinson, Andrew Steward, Roystone Sellman and Mathias Willerdown.

The Chelsea Speleological Society has done an amazing job on fitting out the camp - and maybe even more amazing is the spot of this cave. Absolutely perfect. Like a home away from home.

Martin and Unstone had done a seriously honourable job of pre-porting 14 cans of 1664 (7.2 liters) beer which was a real winner in the camp at the evening meal (meal=powerbars).

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