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Adventure Hut opens up Caving Section

COPENHAGEN/GRENOBLE — (SPELEO WIRE) — October 25, 2001—Adventurehut.com (http://adventurehut.com), launched its caving section today, with hundreds of caving ticks already in the database. Launched last November as an online tickhut, Adventurehut.com is the No. 1 online hut for adventure ticking people worldwide.

The site's new caving tab offer many of the features for which Adventurehut.com is known, including cave rating, cave grading, and a brand new and innovative note storage system.

“I know our fellow net cousins are going to appreciate the fantastic expansion down into the world of unticking” said Frederik Willerup, co-founder and CTO of Adventurehut.com. “Whether you’re looking for the latest tick from the HPCC or inspiration for the weekend campaign, you’ll find it”

“The continuing addition of new sections to our hut is an important part of Adventurehut.com's drive to tickability,” said Mathias Willerup, Adventurehut.com senior designer and general manager of the hut.

Since launching Adventurehut.com, the hut has more than doubled its membership base to over a 1000 tickers. To go directly to Adventurehut.com's new section, visit: adventurehut.com/caving.

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