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Disaster in Thrupe Lane Swallet

Reported by Martin Beale, Thursday 15 Nov 2001 01:28:32

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of the loss of a valued part of the AHPES.

While exiting from the Chimney Pot area of Thrupe Lane Swallet Slocker, Roy Unstone took a wrong turning and ended up going down High Atlas. He kicked the rope bag ahead of him and it now lies beyond reach at the head of High Atlas.

I tried to mount a rescue mission, but it was to no avail: the bag is tantalisingly out of reach.

AHPES are planning on organising a rescue mission into High Atlas either at the weekend or early next week. All elite speleologists are encouraged to attend the rescue. Never before has such a significant amount of kit been abandoned by the AHPES.

Roy Unstone's membership of AHPES has been suspended until he proves himself once more worthy of membership (buying beers for the rescue party would count as sufficient penance to allow us to grant him provisional membership once more).

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