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Ogof Draenen Trip

25 June 2003
By Mr. President
Cavers: Paul W, Caroline K, Rachel M, Robin M and Mr. President

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In 7:50 Out 10:30
In pub 10:50 (Rifleman's Arms Blaenavon late drinking and Food!?!-- Lamb&Fox closed monday and tuesday)


We broke new ground and turned left into upstream passage, we failed to pass the 500m crawl to reach waterfall series. We did pass a fiesty squeeze( that gave Daves ribs a tickle) only to reach more enclosed crawls (it is worse than southern streamway).We were not sure we were on course and the pub threatened. Later we noticed the 500m crawl into the waterfall series.

It is a seriously sporting trip to make it to the end of bolderland (longer than the round trip-- it has a frightening writeup). We completed 1/4 of the possible guidebood sections and so were not bold enough.

There are some excellent large mud formations just around the corner from cairn junction.

We looked up Big bang pitch and well is looks great worth an SRT trip.

There are lots of other inlets to tempt the curious Paul was still insisting that he could have had another 15 minutes up one inlet or the long crawl.

Carolines kneecap moved to the side during her first exposure to welsh boulders (hopefully not the last).
She had to contend with one of Daves dodgy lights in the entrance series. She was initially surprised when it kept going out!

Robin was the trip navigator. Everything went right !?! Perhaps he should do this more often.
His fitness seemed to have improved enough to carry the bag.

The feret was nervous about her neck in the entrance series, and her breathing on the way out was a good impersonation of Daves snoring. Glad to have you back.

We found a newt towards the end of upstream series.

The lamb and fox was closed, but we were let into a lock in at the Riflemans arms in Blaenavon. We finished off the food and had several beers. There was some confusion whereby the drivers had their second beer and Robin who was not driving only had a half. We stayed too long and we were rather late back to Aust.
Must only have one beer!

After ganging up with Paul about Daves driving (Natalies kebab was mentioned several times). The Feret came back in Daves car.


Ogof Draenen translates to cave of the hawthorns. But Robin reckons the slugs were more prominent than the trees.

Dave the Cave

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