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Paul, Mathias, Tim, Martin and Royston in the luxurious changing quarters of the White Hall Hut ©2002 Selftimer

Paul waiting for his turn while Martin engages in the 600 meter entrance crawl ©2002 Tim Wilkinson

Mathias in the Entrance crawl. ©2002 Tim Wilkinson

Paul still smiling in the entrance series. ©2002 Tim Wilkinson

Pretties near Brazil. ©2002 Tim Wilkinson

Martin searching for the perfect stalagmite for his mantlepiece in Cordilla Blanche . ©2002 Tim Wilkinson

The wait for the Go Go girls was getting rather tedious by the end of the evening. ©2002 Tim Wilkinson

Cave camping in the Restaurant of the End of the Universe, Ogof y Daren Cilau ©2002 Martin Beale

More photos from this trip from the digital camera

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