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Slaughter - speeding on to Kuwait Passage

By Mr. President, 7 March 2002
Everytime I have caved with you recently I am wrecked.You are pushing me hard. At least this time I got to somewhereI have wanted to go for a long time. It was almost worththe pain of being the weakest link in the speed caving.

Great caving result, more work on the fitness required.I sweated too much and lost too much fluid, the last thirdof the trip were quite challenging for me. I will take drinkswith me on future trips with you two.

Kuwait passage caving was full of variety . Crawling, water and highcanyons. Brilliant. I was even glad we took the high route in Kuwaitpassage.That was interesting caving. On the way back we avoided itby staying low. There were even parts of it that were pretty withstalls and gours. My conscience is not clean about how we passedthem on the return trip. But my mind was more on energyefficient caving by that stage.

The walk or wade back upstream was tiring for me on the way out.There was more water than last time, but this made it more interesting.Nice bit of nerves when we thought we were going full steam up piratepassage.

If only the water was cleaner.

Well impressed by your bloodhound properties pushing onwards.Well done.

I think SRT might be slower than ladder, but it does give assuredsafety. I was well bushed on the ladder pitch on the way out. CrimesI have never wrapped a ladder so badly before!

Pretty ashamed by the 'permit cavers', most cavers agree that cavingshould in principle be open to all capable cavers subject to theprotection of the cave. The cave is not owned by the landownerbut if he allows access through his land (and worse charges for it)then he might well be liable for making it safe (or not) to use. Accessagreementsare usually made with caving groups to remove this liability and givethe farmers some incentive for putting up with the risk. All this isusually regarded as a tactic for acheiving 'caves open to all'.

No pub. But seeing Kuwait out to the endwas worth it.

Great trip. Acheing all over at the moment.But no serious damage.

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