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2001 Cave Time People Area Notes

The Log file is now continued on The Adventurehut - the caving log book

14/10 Grotte Gournier 1h Jesper Vercors Mathias
  Jesper's first caving experience. Another team was already in there which unfortunately took the edge of the scaryness factor and it was really plain sailing. Still enjoyable. Met 2 Danish cavers in the excellent campsite in the valley. I had heard rumours about these two Danish sisters who was really into caving from Denmark and volia! there they where going in to Gournier as well.

30/9 Grotte Gournier 4h Will Vercors Mathias Moderate
  As festive as caving gets. This huge and relatively easy cave is guarded by a big lake, which we crossed in my new rubber dinghy. Seriously festive approach. Followed by a 6 meter steep climb directly from the mooring spot and then a 30 meter high leve traverse with some serious exposure. Great cave.

23/9 Scialet de Pot de Loup 3.5h Skov Vercors Mathias See map Intermediate
  Good SRT initiation trip for David. We went as far as down the 40 meter pitch and then up again. Got through most of the SRT curriculum including a helping hand from above once or twice. It was raining heavily the whole day, but the cave stayed dry.

10/6   Trou de Glaz 1h Skov, Annabel Crolles Mathias
  Went back for a further exploration. Annabel announced her disgust of the un-rock but David is keen on more. This cave is massive. Over 50 kilometers of known passageway with numerous through trips under Dent de Crolles. The mountain is basically completely hollow and will be the focus of activity in the near future. As with all Grenoblois speleoaction it requires a fully equipped SRT team to explore.

24/5   Trou de Glaz 20mins Martin, Céline Crolles Mathias See photos
  Walked up the Dent de Crolles. Nipped in to a huge cavity with our c-rack. Massive draft coming out of the cave. Will be back for further exploration.

23/5 Scialet de Pot de Loup 2h 52mins Martin Vercors Mathias See map Intermediate

Absolutely superb SRT trip. Beautiful lines and an amazing 40m drop from a overhanging speleothem. Easy and highly recommendable. Approach - 8 seconds from the car. See map

20/5 Glaciere d'Autrans 9h Martin Vercors Mathias See map See photos Expert
  Long day out. 13 hours including the walk. We got back to Grenoble at 4am in the morning. See map

19/5 Trou de Diable 1h Martin Vercors Mathias See map See photos Intermediate
  Beautiful walk-in - quite long. Descended amazing looking shaft (140 meters straight!). 10 meter down bolt ripped. Mission aborted. Glad to be alive. See map

15/4 Scialet de Joufflus 3.5h Martin Vercors Mathias See map See photos Intermediate
  Beautiful cave - lots of little lakes and excellent formations. Perfect rig as well. See map

11/4 Glaciere de Carri 7h Martin Vercors Mathias Expert
  Desperate trip. Got back up to the surface at 12'o'clock at night after a long day in the darkness. Our friends in Grenoble was getting well worried and had started phoning the local police etc. Luckily they sensibly held back any rescue attempts as we were perfectly fine. Glaciere de Scary!

10/4 Scialet de Fee Anglaise 4h Martin Vercors Mathias See map See photos Intermediate
  Excellent cave, ends in a big lake which goes of in the distance. Next time we'll bring a boat and explore further. This time we both put the double amount of clothes on and was relatively warm. See map

9/4 Scialet de Malaterre 6h Martin Vercors Mathias See map See photos Expert
  Massive cave shaft - starts with a 120 meter (~360ft) drop of a bridge - straight down in to the void. Desperate trip - quite wet and extremely cold. See map


2000 Cave Time People Area Notes
5/12 Manor Farm Swallet 4h Dave, Martin Mendip Mathias Intermediate
  Manor Farm SwalletI decided to postpone the UK underground retirement for one more trip - I couldn't say no to a trip down Manor Farm with Dave and Martin. I wasn't disappointed. Dave now goes under the nickname "Mr. President" (president for the HPCC) and I had the great pleasure of pushing through some really dodgy loose bouldery bits in the far end which was rewarded with a huge chamber which almost certainly had some further continuation. Dave and Martin unfortunately didn't reach this glorious chamber as they reckoned the boulder bits were too unstable.
18/11 Ogof Y Daren Cilau 6h Just the two of us Llangatock MathiasFrederik Expert
  Entrance DuckDid it! Rene went with us for 10 meters and then decided to back out after a worm attacked her in the entrance. We'd seriously misproportioned the whole cave - the entrance crawl and chambers beyond was much bigger than expected. A fantastic cave which marks the end of Fred's and Mathias' caving in England for now.
16/11 Thrupe Lane Swallet 4h Dave, Tim Mendip MathiasFrederik Intermediate
  Did the full through trip. A great evening out with Tim and Dave - possible the last for a long time now that Fred's going back to Denmark and Mathias is going bigger voids in Grenoble.
15/11 Hunter's Hole 1.5h Rene Mendip Frederik Intermediate
  Rene's first go at SRT- we went down on two ropes and had no problems. Great fun in Hunter's Lodge afterwards which was packed with local cavers.
14/10   Goatchurch Cavern 1.5h Rene, Lærke Mendip Mathias Intermediate
  Brilliant trip. Lærke's first ever caving trip and she was so on for it that we decided to do the full Goaty - into the letterbox and back. It's f*cking scary in there - sort of smells of evil and it was a stupendious effort from the girls.
12/10 Fairy/Hilliers Cave 4h Theresa, Rene Mendip MathiasFrederik See photos Intermediate
  The Rhoades sisters had an unsettled bill in the sump of this fine system. We went all the way, through Cambridge Grotto to the Red Room. Good to be back.
8/10 Ogof Y Daren Cilau 2h Rene Llangatock MathiasFrederik See photos Intermediate
  Oh baby! This hole had been on the ticklist for quite some time and still is! We had to turn back approx 350 meters in through the 530m crawl that guards the cave. Rene had some bad equipment and was freezing and we decided to go back before it would be too late. I have the feeling we will be back - soon.
25/9 GB Cavern 2.5h Rene, Dave, Theresa Mendip MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Fine trip. Dave pointed out a number of challenges which we should attempt soon.
24/9 Sidcot's Swallet 2h Rene Mendip MathiasFrederik Moderate
  We got as far as the "very narrow tube" and despite Mathias' attempt of squeezing through in underpants only, there was no way it would go. Good trip.
1/7   Swildon's Hole 4h Skov Mendip Frederik Moderate
  Skov's first caving trip. We went up to the mud sump, but it was completely filled up. So instead we went through sump 1, and back. Great fun.
5/5   Goatchurch Cavern 2h Theresa, Kiet, Nicola, Caroline Mendip Frederik Easy
  Everyone made it through the drainpipe and back
26/5   Goatchurch Cavern 2h Henriette Mendip Mathias Easy
  Our sister Henriette went to Bristol to figure out why her brothers like caving. She didn't find the answer, but found out she is definitely not desperate to get underground again
23/4 Bull Pot 4h Just the two of us Yorkshire MathiasFrederik Intermediate
  A hidden gem. Excellent rig. The line is just pure beauty.
22/4 Hurnel Moss Pot 6h Just the two of us Yorkshire MathiasFrederik Intermediate
  Long walk. Long rig. Well worth it. Fred rigged the hole thing.
21/4 Alum Pot 2h Just the two of us Yorkshire MathiasFrederik See photos Intermediate
  Such an amazing hole in the ground. It was raining and there was quite a bit of water.
15/4 Eastwater Cavern 4h Just the two of us Mendip MathiasFrederik Intermediate
  Great little Saturday afternoon adventure. It was/had been raining a reasonable amount and there was a sizable stream entering the cave. We managed to do a nice round trip.
15/3 Thrupe Lane Swallet 4h Tim Mendip MathiasFrederik Intermediate
  The Duck in ThrupeExcellent trip. Did a "double" abseil simultaneously next to each other and swapped over in the bottom.
7/3   Shatter Cave 2h Tim, Dave, Adrian, Kate Mendip MathiasFrederik
  Very pretty cave in the Fairy Quarry. It's normally locked, so you need an official guide for this stuff. Impressive formations.
25/2 Thrupe Lane Swallet 3.5h Tim Mendip Mathias Intermediate
  On the backWe did the Latheral Aven pitch. But we missed our honoured caving mentor Dave Grosvenor who unfortunately had other obligations this Friday evening.


1999 Cave Time People Area Notes
7/12 Thrupe Lane Swallet 4h Tim, Dave Mendips Mathias Intermediate
  The second big SRT trip after Rhino Rift to do in the Mendips. We did it in three pitches - excellent stuff. We will be back soon to do the big 200ft single pitch.
28/11 Fairy / Hilliers Cave 2.5h Tim Mendips Mathias Intermediate
  Cambridge GrottoA job needed to be done and Tim and I went in to finish the Fairy Cave business. We reached the "Red Room" which is in the connected Hilliers Cave and is the furtherst reach of the system. Quite an amazing system and very well worth it. Recommendable.
23/11 Rhino Rift 3h Royston, Dave Mendips Frederik Intermediate
  Dave rigged in excellent style - except for missing one of the re-belays! This was Fred's first time in this Mendip SRT classic
21/11   Fairy Quarry Cave 3h Mikkel Mendips Mathias Moderate
  Mikkel returned to Bristol for his second caving trip. We reached the duck, but this was enough for Mikkel. I went through quickly and then we went back. A good trip.
20/11 Lionels Hole 2.5h Just the two of us Mendips FrederikMathias Intermediate
  Awesome trip. We did the round trip which has some extremely challenging routefinding speically on the return. We were very pleased to get out.
9/11 * GB Cavern 4h Dave, Tim, Adrian, Nigel and Natalie Mendips Mathias Intermediate
  Great evening out in the mendips. GB has some really awesome formations and some quite entertaining squeezes.
17/10 * Swildons Hole 4h Just the two of us Mendips FrederikMathias Intermediate
  We were back to complete the round trip that we had attempted with Peter three entries down. This time the mud sump that we had rushed through was filled to the roof with water and after an hour or more of pumping water with no noticeable effect we went to explore the Black Hole Series instead. This ended when we arrived at a 40 foot pitch. Good day out. We were both exhausted.
19/9 *** Rhino Rift 2h Tim Mendips Mathias Intermediate
  We got a hold of the key yet again. Tim rigged and I de-rigged.
14/9   Fairy Quarry Cave 3h Dave, Rachel, Andy, U-r-on, Mauricho Mendips FrederikMathias Run slide show Intermediate
  We went in with Dave Grosvenor on a good trip in to the wonders of Fairy Cave. A surprisingly muddy experience. Some good technical obstacles to keep the wriggling techniques uptodate. A Grosvenor Special. Run slide show Slide show.
8/8 Swildons Hole 4h Peter Ras Mendips FrederikMathias Expert
  An excellent trip! We went into the St. Paul Grotto Series which included some very low crawls and passing a mud sump. Peter did well in this -not- a beginners section of the cave.
31/5   Swildons Hole 4h Theresa, Rene Mendips FrederikMathias See photos Intermediate
  Good Trip. Theresa and Rene both did Sump 1 in freezing cold water and in a very uninviting condition. Rene even managed to become a "Son of The Mendips*" as she fell into one of the pools twice. *) Read the guidebook for a further explanation.
14/5 *** Goatchurch Cavern 1.5h Anne, Theresa, Rene Mendips Frederik Intermediate
  The ladies all did excellently on this their first caving trip in the Mendip underground
5/5 *** Rhino Rift 3h Dave, Royston Mendips Mathias See photo Intermediate
  Dave managed to get the key for this superb cave. What a beauty hidden in the hills of the Mendips. Excellent SRT trip on one 120 meter rope.
9/4   Goatchurch Cavern 1h Lars, Helene Mendips Mathias Easy
  After the failed attempt in Swildons we went for the Goatchurch instead - objective: to go through the drainpipe. We got to it after some persuasion but that was as far as the party wanted to go. Drainpipe 2 - Lars Klammer 0.
9/4   Swildons Hole 10mins Lars, Helene Mendips Mathias Easy
  I took Lars and Helene down Swildons Hole for a grand caving trip. Unfortunately the mission was aborted shortly after entering the cave due to too much "noia".
25/3 ** St. Cuthberts Swallet 3h Dave, Andy, Tim, Adrian Mendips FrederikMathias Intermediate
  The yearly "Insult Dave" trip was as festive as ever. Sparrow treated us with several muddy squeezes and a good selection of pretty formations.
14/3 ** Simpsons Pot 3h Tim, Royston Yorkshire FrederikMathias Intermediate
  Tried a "canyoning rappel" technique for the abseils. Worked okay, but figures of eights and doubling the rope is preferable
13/3 *** Gaping Ghyll / Bar Pot Entrance 4h Tim, Royston Yorkshire FrederikMathias See photos Intermediate
  Fair amount of water. Saw a little frog in the main chamber.
7/3   Goatchurch Cavern 1.5h Just the two of us Mendips FrederikMathias See photos Expert
  We finally managed to get all the way in to the "letterbox" - the furthest end of the classic cave. The letterbox is an extremely tight squeeze section very awkward, specially on the return.
7/3   Manor Farm Swallet 4h Dave, Gary Mendips Mathias Read Trip Note Expert
  A bit of a project. Check out the Trip Note with a little drawing.


1998 Cave Time People Area Notes
29/12   Cueva Miso Ha 30mins Theresa Mexico MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Mathias negotiated a tricky entrance to a cave with a waterfall coming out of it. Ended in some muddy dig business
27/12 ** Cueva Xtacumbilxunán 1.5h Theresa Yucatan MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Some interesting exploration but we didn't go down the main shaft where it looked really interesting. No SRT kit. Very visited
15/12   Rio Frio Cave 30mins Just the two of us Belize MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Huge short cave. Explored some galleries but no interesting passages
14/12 ** St. Herman's Cave 2h Just the two of us Belize MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Through-trip, Big cave, little technical side passages. Very visited
11/12   Poptun 3h Franco Guatemala MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Big tube with mud and good formations, second level round trip with somewhat technical climbing and crawling. Long. Very visited
9/12 *** Lanquin 3h Nicholas Guatemala MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Big chambers, bats, spiders, lake with potential, river, lots of potential side passages, one easy squeeze. Total virgin experience. Only very few traces of humans. Unique. Fred managed to catch the "Bat Disease" or Histoplasmosis as it is apparently called - pretty nasty, lasted for weeks, but he survived. Only he nows sleeps hanging from the ceiling.
8/12 *** Lanquin 1h 600 local indians Guatemala MathiasFrederik See photos Moderate
  Psycedelic praying with candles etc., reentry with smoke and strange sounds. Photos
15/11 *** Gaping Ghyll Bar Pot Entrance 4h Tim Yorkshire Mathias Intermediate
  Possible my best caving trip so far. Interesting SRT'ing, good deal of route finding and a long section of tunnels. All rewarded with the inconceivable main chamber of Gaping Ghyll. Photos See photos
14/11 *** Alum Pot 3h Tim Yorkshire Mathias Intermediate
  What a cave! Massive 60 meter free abseil down the amazing shaft.
26/9 ** Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 4h Dave, Gary South Wales Mathias Intermediate
  Excellent through trip. Hard. Wet. Had to swim several times. Massive cave system
19/9   Goatchurch Cavern 2h Katerina, Paola Mendips Mathias See photos Moderate
  Katerina did the Drain pipe. Well done. Photo
13/9 *** Sell Gill holes 3h Tim Yorkshire Mathias See map See photos Intermediate
  Wet Entrance. My first rig - brilliant stuff. See map . And here are a few good photos
13/9   Gaping Ghyll 2h Tim Yorkshire Mathias See photos Expert
  Dihetheral Way. Too wet, too scary. We will be back. Photo
14/6   Sell Gill holes 3h Tim Yorkshire Mathias See map Intermediate
  Dry Entrance. Good SRT practice. See map
14/6   Jingling Pot 1h Tim Yorkshire Mathias See map Intermediate
  Main Shaft. 50m down. 50m up. 6 dead rabbits in the bottom. See map
13/6 *** Simpsons Pot 4h Tim Yorkshire Mathias See photos Intermediate
  Simpsons Pot to Kingsdale valley entrance. Excellent through trip featuring a spectacular 25m abseil. Photo
11/6   Clearwater Mine 2.5h Dave, Tim, 8 others Forest of Dean Mathias Easy
  Ancient Iron Mine. Bow to the Ham.
n/a   Hunters Hole 2h Tim Mendips Mathias Intermediate
  Practicing SRT for our Gaping Ghyll project.
5/3   Swildons Hole 2h Dave, Tim, 5 French Mendips Mathias Easy
  Very wet conditions
23/2 * Goatchurch Cavern 3h Keld, Lars, Frede Mendips MathiasRead Trip report See photos Moderate

The guys had visited me all the way from Denmark to see Britol Rovers play against Oldham saturday the 21th of February. That in itself was of course pretty big, but having arrived already thursday night we were looking for something to do friday. Read the Trip report and see the photos

28/1 ** St. Cuthberts Swallet 2h Dave, Sarah, Andy Sparrow Mendips Mathias Intermediate
  An extremely beautiful cave

Before 1998

1982-97 Cave Time People Area Notes
8/3-1997   Swildons Hole - Jakob Lorentzen Mendips Mathias See photos Intermediate
  Jakob did the sump 1 of Swildons. On sight. Photos
Sep 1996 *** Otter Hole 10h John Mole, Tim, Sally Jubbs, Dave Grosvenor Forest of Dean MathiasFrederikRead Trip report Expert
  The entrance of Otter Hole has an exiting feature. The river Wye is tidal so the entrance is only open an hour or two during low tide. When the water comes in the entrance (and exit!) closes for about 10 hours which means that once we enter we are comitted for the whole day. Read the whole Trip report
n/a   Goatchurch Cavern - Mikkel Mendips Mathias Moderate
  Started caving at 11pm!
n/a * Goatchurch Cavern - Mads Fischer Rasmussen Mendips MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Entertaining trip. Went all the way past the Drainpipe and up in the letterbox.
n/a ** Swildons Hole 4h Just the two of us Mendips MathiasFrederik Intermediate
  Photos See photos
n/a   Eastwater Cavern - Sean, Frog, Dave G. Mendips Frederik Moderate
n/a ** Swildons Hole - Sean, Frog, Mike Mendips Frederik Intermediate
  First go at the short but scary sump
n/a   Hunters Hole - Sean, Frog Mendips Frederik Intermediate
  SRT practice with entertaining mud modeling at the bottom
1994   Sidcots Swallet - Just the two of us Mendips MathiasFrederik Moderate
1994 *** Goatchurch Cavern - Just the two of us Mendips MathiasFrederik Moderate
  Our first cave ever. Excellent trip. Photo See photos
1982 *** Den sorte gryde - Finn Andersen & co Bornholm Mathias Easy
  My first underground experience. Part of a school trip we bottomed out a 45 meter deep granite rift on Bornholm, Denmark.

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