We forgot the map and guidebook, which we first realized when we had got through the whole entrance series. We made it to the Antlers on-sight with the help of some folks pointing us to the breakthrough boulder choke to Jigsaw. Originally planned as a speedcaving trip to the Time Machine and back (in 3 hours) we pushed all the way to the Kings Road cross and turned back due to other commitments. Unclear objectives in the team as a whole, Martin, Mathias and Roystone speedcaved to the microns. Very hard day. Royston made an exceptional lead through the crux of the cave (acupuncture passage). Incredible effort - REU and back in a day, two people. Paul's first trip to Daren. What an introduction. We weren't akin to the REU as a basecamp, but you just need to search out the good sleeping spots perhaps Originally planned with Tom on board (he backed out), Royston and Martin pushed it to the end of Spaderunner. Good effort with Roystons  headtorch failing and doing most of the HRC-Spaderunner on the spare Tika.