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NAUI Scuba Diving Log Book

I have a NAUI Open Water certification. These are the dives I've done so far.

Red Sea, Egypt

DiveDateLocation Depth
Time Air (bar)BuddyDM/Operator
9Dec 7Ras Umm Sidd, Sharm El Sheikh 17/12 m40200-55KickiAnemone
8Dec 7"The Towers", Sharm El Sheikh 19/11 m41190-50KickiAnemone
7Dec 5"The Canyon", Dahab 22.5/12 m31210-70Jeppe-
6Dec 5"The Bells", Dahab 23/12 m32200-65Japanese DudeTom
5Dec 1"The Islands", Dahab 16.4/8 m51210-30MaryMary
4Dec 1"South of Canyon", Dahab 8/5 m51210-65TomTom
3Nov 30"The Bells", Dahab 25/18 m37230-30GerardMary
2Nov 29"The Huts", Dahab 15/12 m42210-50SynnøveMary
1Nov 29"The Canyon", Dahab 24/14 m40200-40SynnøveTom

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