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April 2008
Big announcement! I have just launched a new web site for river runners, called RiverNut. It is pretty cool. You can see rivers on a google map with current river flows and conditions. This allows you to see which rivers are running at the moment at a glance. There is much more. If you are a registered user you can add rivers and add information about rivers on the map, e.g. the location of rapids etc. Finally, there is a trip journal (not unlike adventurehut.com) where you can keep tracks of rivers you have done.

Join the site and make it a success.

March 2001
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Haven't done much paddling for a while... Last time was in January in New Zealand where I ticked a few of the rivers around Murchison on the South Island. On the Bull river we had a fairly interesting trip due to the fact that I broke my paddle 1/3 of the way down! Of course (!) we had a break-apart paddle, but I broke that a bit later!!! I have broken quite a few paddles on trips, but never two in a row. We managed to get out with no problems with me going C1 style with half a paddle.

Before that, I have been paddling for a while in England- South Wales and Dartmoor, but my " home" remains Idaho where I paddled for three years between 1995-98. I now live in Denmark, and there are no rivers to go to in the evening or weekends, so I don't dip my paddle as often...

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