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Brad in Action

These pictures are from a trip on the Jarbidge/Bruneau that Rich, Brad, Brent and I went on earlier this year. It was my first multi-day self-supported kayak trip, and everything went reasonably smooth. Here is a couple of pictures of Brad running some rapid I cannot remember the name of. This guy is scary to watch.

(Click on pictures for larger version.)
Brad goes over the drop with the correct amount of attitude and an incorrect amount of lean.
  Oops -- either the gear in the back is too heavy, or that hole is sucking him back in!
    Yikes -- it tipped him over and is now pushing him against the left wall. This doesn't look pleasant. But it looks like he's got a roll coming.
      He made the roll! And why not go through the hole again, just to show it who is in charge.

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