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Climbing the Matterhorn

19-28 August 2000

Big mountain, loose rock

Pennine Alps, Italy

, Sean, Frederik, Mathias

Sean, Uffe, Mathias, Fred

We went to climb the Matterhorn by the Lion Ridge (also known as the Italian Ridge). The more common route is the Hornli Ridge which starts in Zermatt on the Swiss side on the mountain. Our route climbs from Italy, starting at the little mountain village of Cervinia - a popular ski resort in winter, and a popular place for tourist in the summer. We had a great time. First we spent three days climbing Castor and Pollux in order to aclimatize for height of the Matterhorn. After a rest day we spent another three days on the Matterhorn, standing on the summit August 25 in perfect conditions.

We wrote a trip report down there, and took a bunch of pictures.

The BETA (Information for other climbers)

We climbed the Matterhorn without the use of a guide, and this information is for people who wants to do the same. If you have a guide, there are a lot less things to worry about! Let us know if you have any questions- perhaps we can help out before your trip. First of all, there is information in the trip report, and you can also look at our pack list.

In Town


On the Mountain

Fred, Mathias, Sean, Uffe, Matterhorn

Matterhorn facts

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