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Last updated: Friday, 29 October, 2004 12:49
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Meters dug 19
Total Trays 376
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All the trips we have done into Daren/Aggy so far is listed below.

No Signs of Stopping... Photos of Dig Martins report from the Aggy dig
22 May 2004 (Martin, John, Arthur, Tim, Tom, Pete (Bristol), Stuart (Bristol))
Another 13h trip to the dig face. Loads of activity, good progress and prospect perhaps looking better than ever. Read the top report by Martin.

Boulder Problem solved! Photos of Dig Flash Sketch Martins report from the Aggy dig
22 May 2004 (Martin, John, Arthur, Mike, Tom)
13½h trip. It all looks promising again after the crew dug under the boulder problem. Brilliant! Excellent report by Martin...
Also available: dig face progress photos and a badly made sketch.

Can You Dig It? Martins report from the Aggy dig Photos of Dig
19 May 2004 (Martin, Royston, Mathias)
A glorious sunny morning, a day off work and speeding across the Severn Bridge - clearly an opportunity to climb the routes we'd been dreaming of all winter. But no, dedicated to the cause... report by Royston

Grolsch Passage gets longer... Martins report from the Aggy dig Photos of Dig
16 May 2004 (Alan Brady, Mark Long, Tom Foord, Mathias Willerup, Martin Beale)
50 trays of sand shifted, 11½ hour trip ... report by Martin

Severn Beach Digging continues Martins report from the Aggy dig Photos of Dig
24 April 2004 (Arthur Millet, Mike Read, John Stevens)
Over 40 trays of sand shifted, 11½ hour trip ... report by John Stevens

Digging at Grolsch Passage Martins report from the Aggy dig Photos of Dig
3 April 2004 (Royston, Martin)
Progress on the Aggy side by Martin and Royston. 15 loads of sand shifted, and things are looking promising... report by Martin

A visit to the fresh Aggy Dig Martins report from the Aggy dig Photos of Dig
11 February 2004 (Royston, Martin)
Our goal was to have a look at the new dig from Severn Beach. As soon as we got to Severn Beach, it was apparent that there had been some progress as there was a fresh pile of blasted rocks, a bang line and flecks of beard.. report by Martin

Aborted trip midway to Dweebland Andrew's trip report Mathias roll of digital photos Flash Survey
31 January - 1 February 2004 (Daren Team: Fred, Andrew, Mathias, Royston, Martin; Aggy Team: Andy, Tom, Alan)
This was to be the Daren-Aggy smoke test trip. Went in on Friday night and took a Heyphone. Made contact with the surface team at 0900 on Saturday who told us there had been a lot of rain overnight and advised us to abandon the trip to the end. We did. Very disappointing but there was no chance of getting up Ankle Grinder. report by Andrew (video of radio link available - email me)

Agen Allwedd - Glevum Hall to Squiggly Bit Martin's trip report flash detail
16 December 2003 (Andrew, Royston, Martin)
Fascinating trip to the end of Priory Road - the part of Aggy that is closest to Daren Cilau. A draft was coming out into Aggy. There are some appealing climbs up into the ceiling on the way there. We'll have to return for these. report by Martin

Smoke test in Dweebland Mathias' trip report photos
7/8/9th November 2003 (Mathias, Royston, Martin)
Two nighter so we could do Dweebland on the Saturday. HRC to Dweebland round trip smoothly led by Mathias who had not been beyond Resto before. Smoke test at Dweebland indicated a definite draught. report by Mathias

Ich Bin Ein Dweeblander Martin trip report
7/8/9 February 2004 (Royston, Martin)
And there we were, one cold February evening after work looking down at the entrance puddle with trepidation. This was the culmination of all those previous trips : all that knowledge that had been gained incrementally over those months and years. Although we were both concerned at the thought of close to 48 hours underground, we were both determined to see this one through. I lay down in that entrance puddle and crawled and crawled and crawled. report by Martin

Restaurant at the End of the Universe (REU)
7/8th December 2002 (Tim, Paul, Mathias, Royston, Martin)
An overnight stay at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Ankle Grinder is arduous with a drag-bag because you have to lift it over each of the 1,372 pots. Why doesn't someone install a narrow-gauge railway along there for armchair speleologists like myself? Nevertheless, Dweebland beckons. One more push...

Hard Rock Cafe - first camp Royston's trip report
23/24 February 2002 (Tim, Andy, Joint, Mathias, Martin, Royston)
We cave camped at the Hard Rock Cafe in style with candles and lager (a bit like The Bell back home). The Rock Steady Cruise towards the Micron was an extremely arduous piece of caving on the second day. Unstone was leading the crawls like a mole. report by Royston

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