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Caving exploration under Llangattock

January 2005

» Further Explorations at The Bunker
By Martin - 8h10m - Martin, Royston
29th: We arrived at Severn Beach after about 2h40m and made use of the in-situ stash of water and food there (the two Daren drums that we dragged in were full of climbing gear and there was no space for food etc.)...

Maytime U-Tube Recce NEW
By Tom - 7h - Tom Foord, Martin Beale, John Methvenrd
23rd: After the previous day’s 13 hour dig-athon in Grolsch Passage and Iles Inlet we decided to opt for something a little easier for a Sunday trip. Or not!

Airspace increases in Grolsch and the Iles Inlet campaign begins
By Martin - 13h30m - 40 - Martin, John, Arthur, Tom Foord, Alan Brady
22th: The view ahead in Grolsch looks really good - bigger airspace. Air is worse though. In Iles Inlet the wall appears to be curving, sand strata look good...

Substantial progress at the Oregano Trail Editors Pick
By Martin - 49h45m - 250 - Martin, Gonzo, Charles Bailey, Henry Bennett, Adrian Fawcett, Andy Heath
14th: It is always with some trepidation that I lower my body into the icy cold puddle at the start of the OyDC entrance series. This is especially so on a long trip when I know I shall not see sunlight or the sky for two days...

Sunday trip to Grolsch
By Martin - 9h14m - 11 - Martin, Pete Darwood
9th: We left Whitewalls at midday and were in Aggy by 12:30pm. There was more than a certain sense of deja vu as I crawled through the gate at the entrance to Ogof Gam and signed the visitors' book...

» Explorations at the end of Priory Road
By Martin Beale - 13h17m - Martin, John
8th: The weekend of January 8/9 was a stormy affair. Little branches had been blown off the trees making the drive down to Anwens bakery quite...


Grolsch keeps going
By Mathias Willerup - 8h34m - 22 - Martin, Tom, Mathias
2004-22-11: I had come over to Bristol for the weekend with the excellent Easyjet connection from Copenhagen. Wife and newborn kid deposited at friends...

Nightdigging at Grolsch Passage
By Martin - 6h49m - 7 - Martin, Royston
2004-20-10: We had a really foggy walk to Aggy. It was very difficult staying on the path and then ...

Two diggers, one dream
By Martin - 6h - 6 - Martin, Royston
2004-6-10: This was our first attempt at a nightdigging trip. Our plan was to speedcave down to...

Grolsch Passage Forks Left? Photos of Dig
By Martin - 13h - 53 - Martin, John, Arthur, Alan, Simon, Becky
2004-14-8: The Severn Beach cave digging team congregated once more at Whitewalls ...

Boulder Poppin' Photos of Dig
By Martin - 13½h - 50 - Martin, PeteM, Tom, John, Mike
2004-10-7: In order to get an early entry into Aggy on Saturday morning, Tom, Pete and I stayed ...

Boulder removal Photos of Dig
By Andy Rummings - 10h - 25 - Mark, Alan, Glenn, Andy
2004-16-6: Report gone amiss. Andy, can you send it too me again please?

No Signs of Stopping... Photos of Dig
By Martin - 13h - 74 - Martin, John, Arthur, Tim, Tom, Pete, Stuart
2004-12-6: Whitewalls was a hive of activity when we got there. There were two totally dressed ...

Boulder Problem solved! Photos of Dig
By Martin - 13½h - 90+ - Martin, John, Arthur, Mike, Tom
2004-22-5: On Wednesday, there was the distinct possibility that we had come to the end of ...

Can You Dig It? Photos of Dig
By Royston Sellman - 10½h - n/a - Martin, Royston, Mathias
2004-19-5: A glorious sunny morning, a day off work and speeding across the Severn Bridge ...

Grolsch Passage gets longer... Photos of Dig
By Martin - 11½h - 50 - Martin, Alan, Mark, Tom, Mathias
2004-16-5: Cavedigging is an art that requires equipment. As I learnt to my cost, one essential ...

Severn Beach Digging continues Photos of Dig
By John Stevens - 11½h - 40 - Arthur, Mike, John
2004-24-4: We had cancelled our two previous trips to Severn Beach for various reasons, so ...

Digging at Grolsch Passage Photos of Dig
By Martin - Martin, Royston, Martin
2004-3-4: I was extremely pleased that Royston could make it down the cave: it had been an ...

A visit to the fresh Aggy Dig Photos of Dig
By Martin -Martin, Royston
2004-11-2: We seem to be getting the hang of the Aggy entrance series and the First Choke...

Aborted trip midway to Dweebland Mathias roll of digital photos Editors Pick
By Andrew Walker - Fred, Andrew, Mathias, Royston, Martin, Andy, Tom, Alan
2004-31-1: Two teams from 3 countries (UK, Denmark and France) converged on White Walls ...


Agen Allwedd - Glevum Hall to Squiggly Bit
By Martin -Andrew, Royston, Martin
2003-16-12: After our Dweebland trip it was obvious we needed to know something about the ...

Smoke test in Dweebland photos
By Mathias -Mathias, Royston, Martin
2003-7-11: As I was packing my caving gear in Copenhagen preparing for my trip over the "end" ...

Ich Bin Ein Dweeblander
By Martin -Royston, Martin
2003-7-2: And there we were, one cold February evening after work looking down at the entrance...

Restaurant at the End of the Universe (REU)
7/8th December 2002 (Tim, Paul, Mathias, Royston, Martin)

Hard Rock Cafe - first camp Editors Pick
By Royston 23/24 February 2002 (Tim, Andy, Joint, Mathias, Martin, Royston)

Ethical Return to the Antlers
By Royston 25 May 2002

The Old Main Chamber
By Martin 30 January 2002

St David's Streamway
By Martin 27 January 2002

4h.42m Antlers and back
By Martin 10 December 2001

First Trip to OyDC
By Mathias 1 December 2001

Other trips not related to Llangattock

Ogof Draenen
5 August 2003

Ogof Draenen
25 June 2003

Box Trip was interesting
25 January 2003

A Mendip through trip
7 October 2002

Not the Swildon's Round Trip!
2 September 2002

Fairy cave - without lager
27 June 2002

Pot 2 - Grosvenor style (expect we didn't have any light problems)
5 June 2002

Scialet A2 - Double Black Helmet
3 June 2002

Ogof Draenen - second match to the cave
31 May 2002 - Warning: Long Report

Ogof Draenen - with 20 minutes to spare
16 May 2002

Craig A Ffynon - at last
24 April 2002

Slaughter - speeding on to Kuwait Passage
7 March 2002

Easterwater - in high water
4 March 2002

Slaughter Stream Cave
16 January 2002


Drilling in Trou du Diable, Vercors, France
9 December 2001

Gaping Gill - Three holes ticked in one go Editors Pick
5 December 2001

Success and failure in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu Editors Pick
30 November 2001

Disaster in Thrupe Lane Swallet
15 November 2001

Swildons Hole
8 November 2001

Adventure Hut opens up Caving Section
25 October 2001

A Note on Cave Ethics
19 October 2001

Pot of Rod
18 October 2001

Manor Farm Swallet
11 October 2001

Longwood/August Editors Pick
5 October 2001

Eastwater Cavern
15 June 2001

Aggy Alwed Editors Pick
8 February 2001



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