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Here are some of the folks who we have met along the way and who has taken part in our sports and adventures:

Sean Franks Mountaineering, ice climbing, trad climbing, kayaking, fell running
David Skov Sport climbing, ski rando
Martin Beale Trad climbing, caving, digging, sailing, fell running
Tim Wilkinson Trad, sport & ice climbing, caving, fell running
Royston Sellman Trad climbing, caving, digging, drinking
  Andrew Walker Trad, sport, ice, caving, skiing
Rene Batts Caving
Paul Wood Trad, sport & ice climbing, caving, mountaineering
Jesper Ritzau Climbing, kayaking
Jakob Lorentzen Climbing, caving
Anton Greiffenberg Sailing, climbing
Uffe HĂžjsbro Sailing, climbing, mountaineering
Steve Loughran Climbing
Jim Randell Climbing
frog Mark Bailey Mountaineering, climbing
dave Dave Grosvenor Caving
Will Wray Climbing

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