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By Mathias Last updated: October 15, 2000

Log of the the runs (over 10K) I have done so far.

2000 Dist Leg Time People Conditions Comments
15/10-00 38K Double Wye Valley
4:42 Only Tim   Tim did a "Double Wye Valley run" today - I was climbing, but I thought this should be noted. Double! If the normal round wasn't hard enough, but doing it it twice - pfeww. Well done Tim.
6/2-00 10K Molboløbet
1:12 Anders Soft ground.
No frost. Lots of branches.
Danish Orienteering. Great fun. 18 posts. At each post one had to answer a question which is then part of the score.
16/1-00 22K Furesøen
2:01 Lars Soft ground.
No frost. Perfect.
Excellent run. All systems were running fine.
1999 Dist Leg Time People Conditions Comments
5/12-99 19K Wye Valley
2:09 Solo Cold. Crisp.
Agony. I thought it would never go. If I want to get the sub2 again I need to rethink be current diet of beer and crisps. Still - I was going allright from the field to Tutshill, so I was quite pleased with the time.
+ 15K

Marathon .
+ 4.41
Boggy, cold,
windy, rainy.
We came in 68 of 197 teams in the C class. 69 of these retired after the first day - 128 completed. (2.200m of ascent)
10/10-99 19K Wye Valley
2:25 Solo Surprisingly
warm. Autum
is here -
covered in slippery
Tried to use ski poles. Disaster. It screwed up my rythm and I struggled all the way through! Ok, I hadn't really had any thing to eat, so I was quite low on energy, but - my ski pole theory has proven wrong. Also my recent breakup by Linsey didn't seem to help.
29/9-99 Note: Tim (1.48) and Martin (1:49) broke the 1.50 barrier, making Tim the new record holder of the Wye Valley run and Martin joins the exclusive sub2 club currently having Tim, Myself and Martin as members. Well done chaps!


32K Brecon
3.35 Tim,
Superb Half of it was fun. Half of it was a running mare. Absolute savagery. Constant horizontal rain all the way through.
16/9-99 10K Semi
Wye Valley
n/a Tim,
Good training.
We went for an after work run. It was getting dark as we started so the last bit of the run was done walking.
Note: Fred did the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon together with Sean - they came in 33rd which was an amazingly good effort. 35K
26/6-99 18K Cotswold
1.33 Team
Sunny. Complete torture. No problems in legs but the lungs and overall stamina was suffering seriously from the extreme heat. I came in 15th. It was not pleasant. Ridiculously hot (25+ degrees). Worst conditions I have ever run in.
16/6-99 18K Cotswold
Leg 5 (recce)
Calves killing me, otherwise the run was great. We were chased by a flock of cows at some stage.
13/6-99 16K Cotswold
Leg 3 (recce)
2.24 Linsey Near
Got lost once. Picked up the track again after some skillful map reading.
11/6-99 19K Wye Valley
1.50.47 Solo Ideal. Dry
weather and
Up until the top of Wyndcliffe my left calf was in absolute agony, but then it started loosening up after that. Boy was I glad when I ran across the bridge in Chepstow. New record for The Run which I am sure will not stand long.
6/6-99 19K Wye Valley
2.59 Linsey Sunny.
We were supposed to have been 6 people going but the other potential participants seemed to have lost their attitude. Still, Linsey and I went and it was as always a fine Valley experience.
3/6-99 19K Wye Valley
2:05 Tim Wet, foggy,
dark, muddy,
slippery, cold.
The seasons first after work run. It looked like it was going to be a mean run, but after reaching the otter hole car park things seemed to just go really smoothly and no pain in the knees which is great.
28/4-99 12K HP
Valley Run
0.54 Tim,
Sunny. Nice.
I have started running more frequently and on less savage terrain. All systems are working fine. No problems with knees or anything. So I guess I just need to go easy on the actual fell runs.
21/2-99 18K Furesøen
1:45 Lars Icy tracks.
Slippery. Fun!
Changed to my old more bouncy shoes. I think it helped a bit on my knee, though it still hurt quite a lot. Specially afterwards. Good trip though - but less hilly than I had hoped. Denmark just is flat as a pancake.
14/2-99 19K Wye Valley
2:43 Brid,
Perfect. Right knee really painful. Maybe it is my beloved Walsh shoes which are a bit too hardcore after all.
1998 Dist Leg Time People Conditions Comments
7 months break to recover from the injury below:
4/7-98 35K The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon 5h + 3h Martin (Team 605) Great conditions. Misty, wet and not too windy. Right knee hurting. After five hours I twist my ankle badly and we decide to retire and manage to arrive at the midway campsite after an additional 3 hours struggle. Read the full story.
27/6-98 16K Cotswold Race 1:18 Team 62 Ideal conditions. Muddy as hell and sun and showers during the run. Despite the fact that my shoes are crap it went okay. I came in 19th of 45 participants. Tim, who ran the leg as well came in 10th, three minuttes before me. Excellent fun. Right knee hurting quite a bit otherwise okay.
23/6-98 16K Cotswold Recce n/a Tim Good Practice Run for the race on Saturday
20/6-98 19K Wye Valley Run
2:18 Tim, Claire Worst ever: Hot. Humid. Muddy and slippery. I lead - Tim runs with Claire. Totally exhausted - hardest run yet. No blisters. Picked up Claire in Tintern.
n/a 19K Wye Valley Run
2:05 Tim, Alan, Russel Fine After work run. I left the field after Devils Pulpit and was alone until the last road section near Chepstow. Fine conditions. Big bloody blister on left toe.
n/a 19K Wye Valley Run
2:18 Tim, Peter Muddy. Wet ground. Snow. Good. Good Run - very wet, otherwise good conditions. Snowed on the higher grounds. Blister
n/a 19K Wye Valley Run
2:00 Tim n/a First time - twisted my ankle a bit

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