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We started snowboarding in February 1994 where we tried it for a half day in Beitostølen, Norway. Frederik got his own board when he moved to Boise and has since been practicing the art during the winter over there. Mathias returned to Norway in February 1995 and practiced for three days. The last day was spent trying making forward somersaults, strongly inspired by some of the Norwegian guides up there who was pretty cool at snowboarding. I didn't complete the somersaults but landed on my head, back and stomach instead. A week after - in France - I got my own snowboard, and I stayed in Chamonix a month planning to ski and snowboard.

But after a while I was doing only snowboarding. You can make all sorts of jumps and turns on snowboards which would never be possible on skis.

In the end I did complete my forward somersault and now both Fred and I try to fit in trips to France and USA riding through the deep powder snow.

In the beginning of the 2001 season I switched to a Swell Panik board which is the one you see sticking out from my back on the photo on the left. It's 185 cm long, pointy nose and a swallow style tale. It's superb in powder

Cleaning the snowboards

Snowboarding stories & pictures:

Free Riding in Chamonix & La Grave January 2000
Mathias went away for a week to check out the powder in Chamonix and La Grave. Great trip together with the skiers Jesper Ritzau and Lars Klammer. No trip report. No photos. But we have an fully edited MOVIE ! (beware - it's 9 megabytes and it might not be worth the download. But if you have a fast connection - go for it!)

Val d'Isere 1997
In January 1997 Mathias went to Val d'Isere for the second time with a bunch of old friends from Denmark. [Read more...]

Chamonix (20-23th of Dec 96)
We only had three days as the following days was ear marked for Christmas purposes. There where a lot of nice offpiste riding with only two interesting epics. First one was when Fred and I found a hill side completely left alone for us to be the first one to make our marks on. Of we go each concentrating on our own stuff but suddenly we crash pretty seriously into each other. Nothing major happened but we felt pretty ridiculous. The second event was when I stopped 30 cm from an edge of a 20 m drop with a lot of nasty rock and ice. I walked slowly back and survived. In general the visibility was crap (good old Chamonix).

2 months in the Alps.
Chamonix, Val d'Isere, La Grave. Click here to read the trip report (in Danish).

The Broken Thumb
One day Mathias went to the Black Mountains to snowboard with some guys from Bristol - unfortunately the snow was gone, so we decided to go to the Gloucester Ski Center where I then broke my thumb

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