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Sports we do

Any medium counts:

tshirtWe've been rock climbing since the early ninities, Fred started in Bristol and Mathias in Sweden.We have also scaled a few mountains and climbed a bit of ice.

We started caving while living in Bristol and it ended up as bit of an obsession.

iceIce Climbing
Mostly Mathias' thing. A natural activity during winter for the climbing hungry.

kayakWhite-water kayaking
Fred got really into this when he first moved to Idaho. Mathias has followed a few times.

A fairly new sport on the arena - and a very popular one. Excellent fun and great in Denmark (where Mathias currently lives).

Certainly the thing to do in Denmark. Had some epic trips already.

Surfing / Windsurfing
We've both been windsurfing a lot when we were teenagers, and we've had fun on the waves in Mexico and Bali.

Sea Kayaking
Also a good thing for the Danish play ground. Enjoyable for weekend trips.

The best thing about scuba diving is definitely all the gear needed

UV Rugby
We play when we are in Copenhagen. Good fun, different.

Mathias has after 15 years of talking about this, finally had his first flight.


We've both been skiing since we were kids, have extended it to include snowboarding and telemarking (Fred's thing).

runFell Running
We both did the KIMM in 1999 and have enjoyed some excellent runs mostly in the UK

Mountain Biking
We've been biking since the age of 6 and are still going strong.

Horse Riding
We both ride once in a while. A bit complicated on the equipment front, but excellent fun. Horses are cool.

Bridge Jumping
Mostly Mathias' thing, and very much a dream. We have only bungy jumped so far.

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